MahikuL Eco Village

India's first community for zero waste vegans.
Himalayas, India

Live sustainably with loving neighbors in one of the most stunning locations in India. 

Following are the features:   

  1. Eco friendly, off-grid homes on plot sizes of 200 and 500 sq. meters

  2. Abode for forest lovers, vegans, and zero wasters

  3. Build careers in conservation, permaculture, farming, teaching, localized manufacturing, art, music, packaging free retail 

  4. An inhouse community centre with kitchen

  5. Emphasis on sports, music, and community 

  6. Decent schools, and shops within 5 kms

  7. Distances: Major cities Haldwani, and Nainital 30-40 km, Delhi 250 km

Natural living

2 days residential.

  • Intro to three threats to the planet - documentary

  • How to do composting at home

  • Plastic free shopping and eating out

  • A 10 min stay fit workout to follow for life

  • Meditation basics

Love & planet

3 days residential​

  • Plant based diet and benefits

  • Animal farming and our planet

  • Meet the animals, love them hug them

  • How to do composting at home

  • A 10 min stay fit workout to follow for life

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Living wild!


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Our programs

V for Vegan

Go vegan by leaving all animal products from your diet and life. Because: 

  • Animal agriculture for meat and dairy is the leading cause of deforestation, biodiversity loss and global warming

  • Animals are sentient beings with intelligence and a central nervous system unlike plants 

  • Animals are someone's children or parent and undergo massive suffering  for our taste

  • Animal products are proven to cause multiple ailments starting from allergies to cancers 

Key principles to save the world.

Z for Zero waste

Live a zero waste plastic free life. Because: 

  • World deepest and highest paces (Marianna's Trench and Mt.Everest both have large amounts of plastic. 

  • Tonnes plastic waste is being dumped every mintute in our water bodies including rivers and oceans

  • Over 10 million marine creatures die of consuming or getting trapped in plastic

L for Local and Less

Buy local products, consume less. Because

  • About 20% green house gas emissions are caused by transportation

  • Branded, packaged goods lead to destruction of local economies and income inequality

  • We will need three planets like earth if all start to consume and live like the Americans   

Create or Die 2